AAF National Resource Directory
The AAF National Resource Directory for Amputees and Individuals with Disabilities has been compiled as a major reference tool for amputee and disability related information. It is hoped this newest edition of the directory will empower readers with information and education to be better able to find needed services, equipment, and advocate for themselves.

In order to provide a better understanding of the way organizations are listed and to assist in determining which ones can best provide the information you seek, organizations have been grouped into categories that contain a brief description of the type of information and services offered. Some organizations could fit into more than one category. For example, many sports organizations are also information centers or self-help group providers. Our assignment to a category reflects the primary focus of the organization and is not intended to diminish other services they might provide.

AAF has attempted to identify and collect information on the national and local level. While we have made every effort to provide accurate and current information, there will be occasions where an organization is not listed or perhaps an address or telephone number is outdated. For these omissions and inaccuracies we apologize.

It is hoped that all organizations will review their listing and provide AAF with the necessary changes. New providers and companies (or those not listed) should contact AAF by mail, fax or email ([email protected]) with information they wish to have updated on our website.

General Web Directory

Amputee Support Groups
Associations and Organizations
Brain Injury Associations
Association of Children's Prosthetic and Orthothic Clinics
National Diabetes Organizations

General Interest Organizations
Prosthetic & Orthotic Organizations
Spinal Cord Injury Associations
Client Assistance Programs

Disability Organizations
Accessible Clothing
Disability Camp Opportunities for Children
Accessible Parks Across the Nation
Independent Living Centers
Prosthetic Training Schools
Self-Help Clearinghouses
Sports Resources
Telecompioneers Local Contacts

State Protection and Advocacy Agencies
State Vocational Rehabilitation Offices
State Diabetes Programs
Worker's Compensation State Boards

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